I had a brainstorm to find out what is going to be difficult and what’s going to be easy. There were a few problems but I think we will do well in the competition.

Here are some notes.

Build base robot 

Make robot autonomous.  

Use audio to control robot 

Design and build arena  

Satro?  (Thanos) 

1.Feed the fish: 

Build fish “bowl” 

Decision between projectiles or golf balls 

How do you line up the shots? 

Craft  department?

2.Tidy up the toys: 

Robot needs to pick up three cubes and put them on the side  

3.Up the garden path: 

Follow a line 

Method (Use audio to control robot)? 

Diy obstacle course: 

Art department 


Different challenges need different markings 

Groups are not in the same lesson 

Video editing software  


Set up class note book(wroboteer) 


23rd January 2021 – Pi Wars at Home Conference 

5th March 2021 – Videos of challenge runs must be submitted by 12 noon 

20th-21st March 2021 – Live streams of the competition entries / announcement of results 

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