I have found my Mindstorms kit and will loan the motors and sensors to expand our capability. Inevitably it was in the very last box, right at the back, after moving and opening 20 other boxes….. The new project resources are: 3 more motors, another touch sensor, another ultrasonic sensor, a light sensor and a sound sensor.

Colour sensor testing

Today in Coding, I did some tests with the robot, and recorded some data with the Colour Sensor. The results were that the colours were:

Red gives [ 5, 659, 359, 331, 210] 

Blue gives [ 2, 370, 390, 480, 170] 

Yellow gives [ 4, 680, 620, 410, 133] 

Green gives [ 3, 370, 480, 351, 140] 

White gives [ 6, 670, 645, 583, 196] 

Black gives [ 1, 274, 246, 205, 81] 


With a power and network outage, Ultron had a brainstorming session on his chosen challenge, “up the garden path”. He came up with loads of good ideas, some of which had to be discarded once we ran through the rules, especially the ones that were a bit too “Ultron”, such as very subtle changes in the colour of the line that the robot could see  but the judge viewing the video might not ! 

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