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Thank You

It turns out that the school’s Activities Week was just a bit too active to leave any time or energy for blogging (*). So I shall close the blog by saying thank you and well done to the wroboteers: Thanos, Ultron, Hulk, Valkyrie, Spiderman, Agent Carter, Captain America, Ace, and Hobgoblin. Also thanks to ourContinue reading “Thank You”

Another week of blogging!

So, the blogging part of the competition continues for another week. Students are all busy doing other things so it will just be me. I will perhaps post some of the technical details that did not make it in to the Technical and Artistic Merit video due to time constraints. So, lets start with ourContinue reading “Another week of blogging!”


The blog has been silent for a while as the students and I have had to focus on the engineering; just not enough time to blog. We have now filmed our robot attempting the challenges and submitted the challenge videos by the deadline (5 minutes to spare!). Well done to everyone who has contributed toContinue reading “Alive”

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