Thank You

It turns out that the school’s Activities Week was just a bit too active to leave any time or energy for blogging (*). So I shall close the blog by saying thank you and well done to the wroboteers: Thanos, Ultron, Hulk, Valkyrie, Spiderman, Agent Carter, Captain America, Ace, and Hobgoblin. Also thanks to ourContinue reading “Thank You”


The blog has been silent for a while as the students and I have had to focus on the engineering; just not enough time to blog. We have now filmed our robot attempting the challenges and submitted the challenge videos by the deadline (5 minutes to spare!). Well done to everyone who has contributed toContinue reading “Alive”

An Oscar?

Our media studies students made a start on editing the Technical and Artistic Merit challenge video from the pile of material filmed by the main Pi Wars team.


Today a year 8 recovered their Scratch remote control code from the old robot and modified it for to use the BrickPi motor control commands. We now have full remote control for the DIY Obstacle Course.


Today in Coding, I wrote a list about the Line Following Robot. Editor’s note: this was creating material for the Technical and Creative Merit video.


Today we had an idea’s generation session for the “DIY” course design – to be made of stuff found around the school As per the rule, everything gets written down even if a mad idea! Please add any more ideas to the comments. Here is the list so far: Building materials: Students (too big!) TeachersContinue reading “Ideas”

Video title art

Art have been busy – we now have title art for the 3 challenge videos – “Tidy up the toys”, “feed the fish”, and “up the garden path”. Thank you!

Fish tank art

Pupils and teachers in Art have produced some beautiful panels for the fish tank (the target in the “Feed the Fish” challenge. Thank you!

Catapult success

Thanos ran 5 tests, altering one factor each test. Mostly this was the time the catapult motor ran (“sleep time”) in the results table below but on the final run he added padding to absorb the kinetic energy of the balls to stop them bouncing out of the “fish tank”. Success on this 5th testContinue reading “Catapult success”


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